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Learning about M:TG

I have a big bag of Magic cards I've been toting around for years but know nothing about. Recently in a chat I met a couple guys through a conversation about card games and they've been giving me some lessons in terminology and other such mechanics of the game, as well as doing some video streams of themselves playing so that I can more understand what goes on. It's been an enjoyable experience so far and I'm actively wanting to get into this stuff. I'm expecting to completely fail at the game starting off, of course, but it seems pretty fun.

One of said friends linked me to this tonight:

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

Seems legit.

Now, if only all the card playing friends I have actually lived NEARBY so we could play cards in person. Counters sound like a lot of fun... *imagines tons of stacks of random items*
On LJ, that is.

So, after making my art tumblr I found out that secondary tumblr accounts (that is, tumblrs made as subaccounts to a main tumblr account so that you can switch between them on the same account) don't have full functionality. I deleted bentkey and remade it as its own account. Problem is I lost my followers, but I've gained some new ones since I remade it and I also ended up setting it as bentkey.net. The tagging system and functionality of tumblr just seems like a much better fit than what my art site was before.

Yup. Tumblr's awesome. Speaking of my art site, I uploaded a bunch of sketches I took photos of back in 2007. http://bentkey.net/tagged/2007

Christmas is coming up and I'm broke as ever but I'm in a pretty good mood aside from all the medical stuff going on lately. I'm so glad I'm back in California again. First Christmas here since moving back! Woo.



It was one year ago that I last updated this! Has LJ died? *crickets chirp* I guess that's silly to ask considering how dead my friend list has been... but due to my friend doctorbadass posting some story stuff tonight I realized how, well, nostalgic I am for the old days! Back when I was a young girl posting the contents of my heart for all to see.

Well, I guess when I put it that way I don't know how much I want to revisit that time, but it was nice while I was living it. So pure!

I run that wordpress blog I mentioned in here before, and I've been posting in it more often than I do here - but even then, it's been months since my last post there.

I've felt the slow itch of wanting to post somewhere about life and stuff, but I'm wrestling internally with how much I actually want to post the contents of my heart on the internet again. Who knows if I will.

I will say that I was watching the World Series tonight and I just about had a heart attack quite a few times. It's been this way all series. Damn it Rangers, please for the love of all that is holy WIN A DAMNED WORLD SERIES. PLEASE! ARGH. DAMN.

Oh yeah and I started a tumblr for doodles and sketches. I think maybe this will encourage me to post art related stuff more often, because even though I haven't been doing much completed stuff lately, I have been doodling a bit in random books. Check it out: http://bentkey.tumblr.com

apparently there's a limit to how long tags can be. WELP I'm leaving them on there to amuse myself. also, if I do end up posting here with any amount of regularity, prepare yourselves for tag abuse. I fucking love tags.


*taps microphone* Is this thing on?

I haven't posted on LJ in over a year!

I started a blog over on wordpress. I also tend to spend my time posting updates on twitter. I used to be a little standoffish about twitter until the first hash tag I got super into. (#MarioMarathon) It's fun to chat with hash tags during various streams. (like the #LiveCocoCam recently) It's also good for breaking news. Smoke off in the distance? Check twitter! (I actually did this a few months ago and found out what was going on with a fire before the actual news broke it, heh)

It's kinda weird to think that a few years ago, LJ was THE PLACE TO POST STUFF AND READ UPDATES AND STUFF, and nowadays twitter, facebook, and tumblr have all pretty much taken over that aspect of life for many people I know, including myself.

Facebook I consider more of a personal thing and I only really add family and stuff to it, or close friends. But everything else, it's fun to just get involved in the internet again.

Speaking of tumblr, it's one of my favorite sites on the internet these days, and anyone reading this who doesn't have one yet should totally get one and then link it so I can look through it. It's so awesome. Like an internet scrapbook! I do love me some scraps.

BTW, people like klarfax and tysova should post more often, because for fuck's sake, I miss your posts, guys. Yes, I do still lurk. SO DO IT.

I broke 10k hits(since resetting my counter last year) on bentkey.net and 19k on my deviantart page.

So yup, that's what's up with me. I figured I may as well have an update since that seems like a better sort of post to have showing up as the "most recent post."

(Oh yeah, and as of this post, I'm fatter and stronger than I was last time I posted here. HELL YES, SELF-IMPROVEMENT!)


The internet was down last night, and after watching Children of Men for the first time, I felt like drawing.


Ha, randomly came across these. Two guys color Disney Princess coloring book pages in classical painting style. Cool idea, and they look awesome.

Ryan Wood does Belle

Sam Nielson does Jasmine


hopeless romantic


Would you believe my mom requested this pic?!

just a flesh wound by ~myopic on deviantART

They're just posing! 'Cause there's no way I'd kill off such a charmer. :P


2 months of art block

Yup, two months of art block. No idea why. I did manage to draw something the other night, out of nowhere. I'm hoping this means it's lifting.

gesticulations by ~myopic on deviantART

As an aside: Wow, I didn't know I could embed deviations with a free account!

Saw this mentioned by someone today...

The thing about these cheesy movies (which are much like the ones on tv that are Sci Fi channel originals -- oops, I mean "SyFy") that I've never really understood is...are they TRYING to make a really ridiculous and/or funny movie? Because the ads always seem like they intend for it to be taken seriously, but... all it does is come off as low budget and MST3k-style commentary worthy.

If they're being hilarious on purpose, well, I gotta hand it to them, the people behind these kinds of movies have really perfected the art of the cheese factor. There should be an award for this kind of perfection, if it is indeed on purpose.

Ahhh hahaha, I think one of the best parts is that I've seen better CG effects in PC games from the 1990s. :p



"Let's Play"s are awesome... but you know what I've decided I hate? When LPers invite someone else to comment along with them -- usually a girlfriend or romantic interest. UUUUUGHHHH, barf! If I'm watching someone do LPs, it's because they're hilarious or clever or both. Or just have something really interesting and unique to offer. If I wanted to hear some boring chick attempt to be cool or witty, I'd request them to do one. As it stands, it just mucks it all up and turns into the guy trying to pander to whoever the girl is.

Luckily, people tend to only have a guest on one or two episodes... but that sucks enough in itself because that makes for so much missed opportunity for awesome. Sigh.

Anyway, end rant. :P

Aside from that pointless stuff, in real life I'm having a really happy time right now because I have company for a week and yayyyy, movie marathon time and just general good times! :)